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Windows 10 Dell Inspiron 620

  wildhouse 23:23 19 May 2016

My Dell Inspiron 620 (i5 2300 with 6GB RAM) has become so slow as to be almost unusable. There is plenty of RAM (I upgraded from 4 to 6) but it just gets worse and worse. Considered moving to Windows 10 but the Inspiron 620 is not in the list of tested PCs on the Dell website so they do not recommend it. Has anyone any suggestions or has anyone gone to Windows 10 with an Inspiron 620?

  Secret-Squirrel 10:10 20 May 2016

...........but the Inspiron 620 is not in the list of tested PCs on the Dell website so they do not recommend it.

It's probably not worth the risk. Anecdotal reports show that some 620 users have had catastrophic problems. There is of course the option to revert back to your previous Windows version if Windows 10 doesn't work but that can cause even more problems with some users.

.........has become so slow as to be almost unusable.

Would to like to troubleshoot this and hopefully fix it? I have to say that it may take a bit of a while to fix so let me know in advance if you've got the time and perseverance. If you'd like to proceed with this then let me know your version of Windows.

  wildhouse 18:24 20 May 2016

Hi Thanks for your input. Currently on Windows 7. It has been suggested that I re-install Windows 7, but firstly, I don't have anything big enough to copy everything onto and secondly don't want to lose my version of Microsoft Office 2010 - it's a full version inc Publisher and I think I only have one more install left to me - would rather put that on my next new PC!

  Secret-Squirrel 12:00 21 May 2016

Thanks wildhouse. Even though you haven't explicitly said you'd like my help troubleshooting your Dell's poor performance, I'll start anyway:

Right-click your Taskbar, choose "Task Manager" then click the "Performance" tab. Does the "CPU Usage" bar graph show that it's constantly very busy even though you're not doing anything on the PC? If it does then click the "Processes" tab, click the "Show processes from all users" button, then click the "CPU" column-heading button once or twice to sort the processes so the busiest ones are at the top. Ignore the "System idle process" because that's the opposite of busy. Keep an eye on it for a while. Do you see a rogue process that consuming a lot of the CPU cycles? Post its name here if you do.

Likewise, an over-active hard drive will slow a computer down and the "Resource Monitor" is a good tool for diagnosing problems like that. Before I give you instructions for that, have a look at the hard drive activity light on the front of the PC. Is it constantly on or does it look more active than you think it should?

Let me know what you discover, and obviously, only do your diagnostics when the computer is running slow.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:45 24 May 2016

How are you getting on?

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