Windows 10 crashes when downloading large files

  bobj216 23:42 14 Jun 2017

I've had this issue for a few weeks now and it went away about a week ago but it just recently came back. The issue started when I decided to reinstall everything on to my computer after some performance issues thinking it would help w/ it. After I installed windows and all my smaller files though, I started downloading larger files such as games and this is when the freeze happens. The computer completely freezes and I'm unable to do anything unless I hard reset my computer. The problem consistently happens and I can't find a fix to the problem.

  stavros3000 15:01 07 Jul 2017


Are you getting any messages in event viewer?


  Menzie 16:43 07 Jul 2017

How are you downloading these files? Via a client like Steam or by web browser?

If by Web Browser how long have you left the computer running before resetting? It might be a case antivirus software scanning the large files to give the all clear before allowing access.

On my system when I download a file the antivirus takes over before it lets me do anything.

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