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Windows 10 - Browsers are presenting a problem

  RegScriv 15:31 10 Aug 2015

Since I installed Windows 10 I have been having problems with my browsers. My default is Chrome, which will be working fine then it will stop working with the message "cannot connect to the Internet". Trying IE or Edge give the same result. Restarting my PC will get them back. IE will identify that the ethernet adaptor needs to be reset. Anyone help?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:57 10 Aug 2015

Perhaps you need to update the ethernet drivers.

  RegScriv 18:41 10 Aug 2015

I had a look at the ethernet drivers. First it said there were no drivers, then I asked it to update the drivers and it said that they were up to date. The other option I have is to remove the drivers & let them re-install when re-starting??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:48 10 Aug 2015

I would try that

  RegScriv 19:50 10 Aug 2015

I'm in real trouble now. I uninstalled the driver and restarted the pc. Now I can't get an Internet connection no matter what I do. The network adaptor has reinstalled and Device Manager says it's working properly. I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling again, disabling & enabling, I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the ethernet cable and even a different ethernet cable. Nothing works. The little network icon in the system tray sits there with a little red X through it. Please help!!!

  RegScriv 09:43 11 Aug 2015

System Restore got my Internet back. Although Device Manager indicated that my Ethernet Adapter was working, I had a block on my broadband that I couldn't clear. Switching off my internet security didn't work. Bad news was that System Restore brought another problem, my PC wouldn't shut down. In the end I used my Marcrium Reflect image that I made soon after I upgraded to Window 10 and now I'm back to where I was yesterday morning. Small rewards for massive effort

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