windows 10 activation (think i nearly got scammed)

  Mcnugget1 23:05 17 Jul 2018

I bought a custom built PC from Overclockers UK a few years ago, It had windows 7 (I assume an OEM version). When windows 10 came out I upgraded, a while later I changed my motherboard not realising it would deactivate my copy of windows. Around a year later and I am finally trying to activate, I did some research and found I could by an OEM key from the internet for pretty cheap, so I went to Kinguin as I have used them before to by games and they had been recommended by a popular tech youtuber. Since the pro and home versions were pretty much the same price I went with the pro version, I found this didn't work and after some more research I came to the conclusion that it would activate if I had windows 10 pro installed, it seemed the only way to do that was to get the media creation tool from Microsoft and use it download windows 10 pro, this didn't work as it didn't give me the option for the pro version, I imagined it might give the option after downloading and installing it. Before I did that I tried the windows 10 home key that Kinguin sold, that key didn't work either. So I did a clean reinstalled of windows 10, tried both the keys again and they still did not work. I went back to Kinguin and checked there activation instructions, they say that the keys are not for upgrading which explains why the pro key didn't work but not the home one, they also recommended. I followed there activation instructions that ended up not working in which case I was to activate by phone, the instructions had me type SLUI 04 into the run thing in windows, this then provided me with a number and a long code, I called the number and they asked for the code and the activation key and then they asked me to activate it exactly as I already had, when this didn't work I was passed onto a support team who did the same stuff then passed me onto "Microsoft support", Microsoft support did the same as the other two then verified that the key was real and provided me with a case number that I could provide to Microsoft support to verify the legitimacy of the call. He then went on to ask for access to my C: drive at which point alarm bells started ringing, he sent me to a micro soft support page for remote access which had terms and conditions to accept at which point I told him I was going to go verify the case number.

TLDR; got 2 dodgy windows keys they didn't work so I called support who tried to gain access to my PC.

  1. Was this a scam or would Microsoft support actually ask for access to your PC to fix something?

  2. Should the method of activation worked?

  3. Were the keys fake?

  4. Is there actually a legitimate way of activating windows without spending £120?

  5. How do I contact legitimate Microsoft?

Thank you for reading and any responses.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:03 18 Jul 2018

when you upgraded to win 10 the key is now stored on MS servers.

to reactivate after a harware change then follow the instructions

click here

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