Windows 10 1511 upgrade and activation

  KPC 10:41 29 Nov 2015

I have had alot of issues with a laptop that i clean installed Windows 7 to but it would not update. That is now in the past. I clean installed Windows 10 then Windows update found the new upgrade, Windows 10 1511 (November 2015) and when it finished upgrading i went to activation, typed in my Windows 7 key and it activated. Apparently this is why they have upgraded it to save you going through the old process. As long as you have a genuine Windows 7,8 key, its good. This information was provided by Microsoft because of my numerous calls to support...... dont forget to delete the Windows.old file after the upgrade.

  lotvic 11:34 29 Nov 2015

Good to know, thanks.

But does that work only if you have a Retail W7 or W8 key?

  KPC 11:36 29 Nov 2015

Which do you have?

  lotvic 12:31 29 Nov 2015

Both, Retail on one pc and OEM on 2 others in household.

What type of key did you use when it worked for the clean install?

  KPC 12:42 29 Nov 2015

This is a OEM version. Bought from Amazon for £67

  KPC 12:47 29 Nov 2015

By the way, i see you have stated retail on one and OEM on two others. I hope you realise that you have the option to use each key on three computers.

  lotvic 12:50 29 Nov 2015

Thanks for the info and that it works with a bought OEM version.

Hmm, my OEMs are Dell and pre-activated with Dells W7 Royalty Key. I may have to use the sticker key instead if I want to clean install W10. Unknown if that will work yet.

  lotvic 12:53 29 Nov 2015

you have the option to use each key on three computers

Oh? how come?

  KPC 12:57 29 Nov 2015
  KPC 13:00 29 Nov 2015

I have used the disk i purchased on two computers so far.

  lotvic 13:18 29 Nov 2015

I think you should read all of the thread in your link.

my Retail EULA does not permit legal install on more than one pc at a time. I do not have a 3pc Family Pack licence click here

My Dell W7s can only be installed on Dells with a matching SLIC table, unless I use the sticker key and telephone activate.

As far as I am aware a bought OEM dvd can only be installed on one pc and it is then tied to that pc and can't be transferred installed on another different pc. It may work at first but in a matter of months it may start to show 'not genuine' when the checks are done.

As I said that is as far as I understand it, so feel free to put me right if I've got it wrong.

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