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  March Wind 02:48 31 Oct 2013

Is there a difference between these two? I had outlook express 6 on Winnow's XP then it changed to one of the above names, now I have Windows 8 and would like my email back the way it was but do not know what to do or which version it was. It was not hot mail it was my name plus the Internet provider I use. I can go on line in a different way to use my email but it is not the same as All my old emails and contacts are not there. Help please. Also having probs sending these threads sometimes they go other not I keep clicking on post but they do not go I have to keep coming back to this page and keep clicking

  chub_tor 09:06 31 Oct 2013

Click Here to see the difference between the two programmes the big difference is that with Live Mail all your emails are stored in the cloud rather than on your computer's hard drive. Originally Mail replaced Outlook Express when Vista came in. You can install Windows Live Mail on a Win 8 computer, it is a free part of Windows Live Essentials.

The problem with sending threads on this forum is nothing to do with you, it does happen on this site from time to time.

  Woolwell 10:49 31 Oct 2013

As chub-tor has stated Windows Mail came in with Vista and has been replaced by Windows Live Mail. If you use the program on your computer then the emails are not stored in the cloud unless you choose to leave them on the server.

  Woolwell 10:53 31 Oct 2013

There is confusion, which unfortunately chub-tor's link adds to, between Windows Live Mail a webmail used for Hotmail,, etc and the program downloaded as part of Windows Live Essentials. You do not have to download the other parts of Live Essentials.

Live Essentials Mail

  March Wind 16:48 31 Oct 2013

None of this is clear to me. Should I repost it on the forum? I know it is called either one or the other. I have tried to put my email address down using Microsoft Account on this W8 PC is this correct? I saw the page somewhere put my email address down not my Hotmail as that works fine but my post office account email which I used with Windows Live? it was asking me for my password but would not except my password should I make a new one and then should it be alright and I get all my old emails back on this PC?

  Woolwell 17:45 31 Oct 2013

You will not get all of your old emails back as they are almost certainly stored on your old pc. They can be transferred. With W8 you have to log into Windows Live with an email address and password to access the store, etc but this is not the same as getting email. For email to be stored on a W8 pc you need to use the Mail App (not advisable) or if you want something like OE6 then download and install Windows Live Mail from Live Essentials and set up your email accounts.

  March Wind 19:26 31 Oct 2013

Do I have to down load and install Windows Live Essentials, and then set up email accounts? When I do install Windows Live should I be able to use and see some my old emails and contacts? I liked this the better than hot mail I understand it better

  Woolwell 20:17 31 Oct 2013

To get Windows Live Mail you have to start the download of Windows Live Essentials and untick the bits that you do not want however Photo Gallery, Movie Maker are fine but you may want to avoid the other parts. You will then have to set up all of your email accounts as if from new. The old emails and contacts will not automatically appear. If you have left emails on the server then you may get the inbox but probably not the sent. This assumes that you have been using pop and not imap. Contacts would have to be transferred from your old computer and it is highly likely that your old emails will also have to be transferred too.

  March Wind 01:40 03 Nov 2013

I have got an account for Windows Live Mail .Thank you but my contacts are not there I am told it might take a little time for them to arrive, also all the old emails that I saved are not on this PC. It is not the same view as on my XP PC where I had all my contacts on the left side along with all info sent, in, out. I would have like it the way it was. Is this what they call progress changing the displaye or am I using the wrong email client?

  March Wind 13:40 04 Nov 2013

Still having prob I cannot receive email under Win Live and if I want to send a pic as if Send To when I click on a pic it tells me to log on to my email account which is already on as far as I know put my email address in and password. It then tells me my password is wrong which I know it is not. the post office as finally go round to helping me.

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