window leavs multiple impressions

  Ex plorer 18:43 18 Sep 2005

Hi when I drag a window it dithers as you move it leaving multiple impressions of its self.

Running Windows XP Home SP2 Ed


  lotvic 19:55 18 Sep 2005

how much RAM do you have and how many progs have you got open all at the same time? It might be just a case of pc struggling to keep up.

  GaT7 20:04 18 Sep 2005

This used to happen to me when I ran Win98se. As lotvic suggests, your system may be running out of resources. Or, could also be due to some other buggy program running/locking-up in the background. G

  Ex plorer 20:29 18 Sep 2005

512 MB Ram

2.8 Ghz

I have paintshop pro and office 2000 Nero,and Power DVD.

When you use the scroll on the mouse its like watching waves.

Thats it

Tried a new mouse

  GaT7 20:45 18 Sep 2005

Are all the programs you've mentioned running at the same time when the problem occurs? Does this also happen when the PC is just booted up? G

  Ex plorer 21:12 18 Sep 2005

Its there from boot up nothing open, I test it out by opening control panel and draging the window and it just leaves multiple parts of its self it dose catch up.


  Ex plorer 21:15 18 Sep 2005

I was just about to try my Norton 2001 Utilities but it said on screen that it will conflict.

  woodchip 21:17 18 Sep 2005

Limited Ram on Graphics Card, Or you only have onboard Graphics using System Ram

  GaT7 21:32 18 Sep 2005

Do you have upto-date antivirus & spy/adware programs & have you run scans with them? G

  Ex plorer 21:40 18 Sep 2005

Dont know I asked for 512MB of ram but it only shows 384MB.It means that 128 are some where else.
Out of intrest I have an old 700mhz runing with 512MB ram and that has full office 2003 in it And paintshop pro plus games and its slow but no problems with out else.


  Ex plorer 21:44 18 Sep 2005

Mcfee AV and fire wall I have disabled that and XPs fire wall that is kept off anyway.

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