window appears at startup

  tomevans00 14:23 15 Sep 2006

whenever i start up windows, i get a blank screen and window pops up with a ok button. sometimes window gives a directory and filename (that changes each time it appears,) somes nothing appears, and often just unicode lettering.

when i click ok, windows is fine and everything is as ususal. it appears to be having no affect at all so i thought it might just disappear but's still there everytime.

any ideas what it could be and how to get rid of it?

i'm running XP SP2

  Diemmess 14:31 15 Sep 2006

Is all your AV and anti malware up to date and running?

  ArrGee 14:32 15 Sep 2006

Have you taken the usual first route of virus/spyware checks?

  ArrGee 14:33 15 Sep 2006

As case of 'great minds think alike' or 'fools seldom differ'!!!

  tomevans00 14:40 15 Sep 2006

i use avg, which was updated today. av scan was done this morning and found nothing. s

pybot found a few entries but nothing that has stopped the problem and i'm currently waiting on ad-aware to finish, both of which i updated before running the scans.

  Graham. 14:43 15 Sep 2006

Can you do a screenshot for us?

  mattyc_92 14:46 15 Sep 2006

As Graham. has requested (also known as a "screendump") will help us to work out the problem

  tomevans00 15:26 15 Sep 2006

well i restarted and when it appeared i pushed "print screen" but when i opened photoshop, there was no paste option. same in mspaint. i tried to photo it with my digital camera but really wasn't useful.

this time at start up it said, and i quote "??M"

the ? represent the square unicode symbols.

  Gongoozler 16:27 15 Sep 2006

This sort of behaviour often happens as a result of an incomplete installation.

Click Start - Run. Type in msconfig, then click OK. Click on the "Startup" tab. See if there's anything in the list that looks unfamiliar. You can try unticking any suspects, or post a list here and we can look for anything that looks suspicious.

  tomevans00 16:32 15 Sep 2006

ok heres what i have running at startup

ati catalyst system tray

  Gongoozler 00:15 16 Sep 2006

They all look fine. I'll see if I can come up with any other ideas in the morning.

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