Window 7 upgrade disc- same as full disc?

  nilescrane 13:36 28 Oct 2009

I'm planning to get an HP computer with Vista installed, and a free Windows 7 upgrade disc. Could the upgrade disc be used as if it's a full Windows 7 disc? If in the future I want to reinstall Windows, will I be able just to use the upgrade disc rather than having to install the Vista recovery discs, and then Windows 7 on top?


  Pamy 14:08 28 Oct 2009

In the past you have had to show that you had a previous verson by puting that disk in when requested, not sure what happens these days though

  Zeppelyn 14:16 28 Oct 2009

Yes it can be done, the discs are the same, follow this guide.

click here

  canarieslover 15:36 28 Oct 2009

Are you actually getting the free CD when you purchase the laptop or are you having to apply for it afterwards? See this thread click here before deciding whether it is free or not.

  nilescrane 16:10 28 Oct 2009

I would need to claim the disc from HP. Thanks for the links. I've now decided to be patient and await a suitable PC with Windows 7 preloaded, and hopefully avoid any horror stories!

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