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Window 10 hardware upgrade problem

  Anon-335228 11:25 06 Dec 2015

I run the Windows 10 compatibility test and it told me my graphics card was not suitable, so I bought a new card which is suitable.

When I re-run the test, it still showed the old card as being in the system, so cannot load windows 10. I assume there is a log file somewhere, which I need to delete to rerun the test.

Any idea's what is is called or another solution please.

Thank you


  Anon-276328 12:00 06 Dec 2015

Check in device manager to see if your old card is still there and if so uninstall the drivers.

  Anon-2080793 12:56 06 Dec 2015

Unfortunately the tool is not clever enough to detect the new card so will continue to show as incompatible. Easiest way round this is to d/l the media creation tool and run that. It will d/l the lastest version and do the update

  Anon-2080793 12:57 06 Dec 2015

sorry meant "latest" (Big fingers)

  Anon-335228 16:20 06 Dec 2015

hi Bris My old drivers have been uninstalled only the new ATI drivers are showing, although there are still some Nvidia files on the computer, but I cannot uninstall them as it says they are in use?

  Anon-305183 10:18 07 Dec 2015

Try loading windows in safe mode and you should then be able to delete all the files

  Anon-335228 11:18 07 Dec 2015


Thanks , I'll try that


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