windoews explorer crash

  John Ross 22:30 26 Oct 2003

Every time I go to a particular subfolder on my desktop the program crashes, whether Windows Explorer, Photoshop or Powerdesk.
The subfolder consists of approx 8 large graphics files, and itself is in a folder apprx 160Mb in size of more graphics files.

Strangely, deleting the folders and reinstalling from my backup on my laptop (where the files work fine) does not solve the problem. Even accessing the backup folder from the laptop via my network results in a program crash on the desktop.

Most times Xp pro just gives the "do you want to send a message to Microsoft?" and then the viewing program terminates. Occasionallym, the following error message appears :
"the instruction at 0x77f53836" referenced memory at 0x00000000". The memory could not be "written".
I don't understand this message or what might be causing the problem.
Any help gratefully received.

  mark e 23:25 26 Oct 2003

click here
try this.


  temp003 09:50 27 Oct 2003

click here where the user has a similar problem with Photoshop+XP. he solved his own problem by using a few workarounds. See if it helps.

  John Ross 22:15 27 Oct 2003

The reply from temp003 is spot on : shortening the foldername works.
Strangely, it is just some image folders ; others with long names are OK.

Ours is not to reason why....

I will get around to the suggested changes to Photoshop at some point..........

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