CraftyKT 19:04 08 Sep 2003

I`m getting the message that this is missing and windows cannot be loaded. Everything was working fine when the computer was shut down last night. Does anyone have any idea what this is, how to find it and more importantly how to solve it? Have tried searching the net but came up with nothing.
I have tried checking for viruses (norton can find none), reinstalling windows over my current settings (but I still come across the above problem). Am I going to have to reformat that partition (my drive has 2, one for windows, drivers etc and one for everything else)or can it be solved without going that far?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

  VoG II 19:06 08 Sep 2003

What version of Windows?

  CraftyKT 19:08 08 Sep 2003

was just coming back to add this info. lol. You got there before me.
Any other infor needed just let me know.

  VoG II 19:10 08 Sep 2003

Try Start, Run, type in


and click OK. Have your Windows CD to hand.

  CraftyKT 19:19 08 Sep 2003

just tried that..........can`t find it or one it`s components and won`t run.

  Switcher 19:23 08 Sep 2003 should be in the directory c:\windows

  CraftyKT 19:29 08 Sep 2003

I thought it probably should be there. unfortunately already did a search and couldn`t find it :-(
It is, however on my second hard drive, the one I`m currently using. Is there anyway of copying over to the main drive?

  Wak 19:43 08 Sep 2003

Can you go into Windows Explorer and drag it over from one partition to the other???

  Switcher 19:47 08 Sep 2003

Go to DOS

Enter command copy c:\windows\ d:\windows
Assuming you are using your second hard drive as master and your original as slave.

OR in WINDOWS simply DRAG and DROP to required folder

  CraftyKT 10:54 09 Sep 2003

then got a message to reinstall windows, then got upteen error messages. It looks to be in a right mess now so I think I will have to reformat that partition anyway. Thanks for the help. If I run into any more probs no doubt I`ll be back. lol

  Switcher 11:09 09 Sep 2003

Why not just re-install windows

No need to reformat. That should cure your problem

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