winantispyware2006 infection

  thesut 21:31 02 Apr 2006

does anyone know to get rid of this? my norton firewall is telling me that UWAS6_0001_N69M0903Netinstaller.exe is attemting to acceess the internet.

  skidzy 21:38 02 Apr 2006

click here

Try this click here Its very good,maybe having Defender from microsoft will help also

  skidzy 21:57 02 Apr 2006

Have you downloaded Prevx ?

If so i believe norton is asking you to give permission for it to update to the latest definitions.

  thesut 22:23 02 Apr 2006

what is prevx i haven't knowingly downloaded this i cant see anything refering to this on my pc. I think you are right norton is asking permission to allow access

  thesut 22:26 02 Apr 2006

the first link you sent me is scanning at the moment i'll see how that goes

  skidzy 22:41 02 Apr 2006

click here

Sorry i cannot assure you how good this program is,as ive never heard of it before.
I would suggest typing Prevx in the PCA search box and see what else is said...if anything.

Hope this helps

  thesut 22:42 02 Apr 2006

ewido doesn't do anything all i can think of is block the connection and tick the always use this action box

  skidzy 22:44 02 Apr 2006

What do you mean ewido dosnt do anything,do you mean found nothing ?

  skidzy 22:52 02 Apr 2006

Have a look in add and remove programs for a program called PREVX

Alternatively,use Start> Search > All files and folders > type PREVX...this will tell you if it is installed on your system,maybe using the advanced search also.

I cannot find anything negative about this program anywhere.

Its looks like an antimalware/spyware program similar to Ewido,spybot,adaware,etc....the ones ive staed are very good...but again no idea about prevx if thats whats on your system.

  VoG II 23:18 02 Apr 2006

You do not want this on your system! It is not prevx. Run HJT click here and post a log on the Malware Removal forum click here

Please let us know how you get on.

  skidzy 23:31 02 Apr 2006

Vog...If not Prevx,can you explain what it is please.

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