WinAmp--Lost Sound.

  spuds 19:44 21 May 2003

Whilst using my computer,I have always been able to listen to cd's via WinAmp. Since the weekend, I have found this impossible, due to loss of sound. The WinAmp screen appears and all the tracking title information and devices are shown, just like normal. I have conducted a sound and recording check through the WME system wizard, and all appears okay.

Question:Where as my sound gone??. Any help much appreciated.

  Lú-tzé 20:04 21 May 2003

Can you get any sound from your PC? That will narrow down possibilities.

Check device manager for any problems with drivers.

  spuds 22:57 21 May 2003

As previously stated, I did a sound check, and all seems okay.Seems funny though, as everything appears as normal with WinAmp, excluding missing sound.

  spuds 00:25 23 May 2003

Any further suggestions anyone !!.

  powerless 00:36 23 May 2003

Does Wiamp actually shown a track been played, as in the bar moves acroos to indicate time? Do you also get the Amplifer thingeeemaboo that shows the peeks etc in a song - is this working in winamp?

  ton 00:43 23 May 2003

Have you checked the Windows volume controls to see what is muted or enabled? You can do this while Winamp is playing.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 08:15 23 May 2003

This Winamp 2 OR 3 ?,could try right click winamp select option/preferences,goto out put and see if the wave dll is selected or try another,or configure and select your sound card output.

  spuds 18:57 23 May 2003

Powerless-It shows the track and time, but no peeks etc.

ton- Yes checked the volume control.All okay, just WinAmp with no play sound.

A NICKNAME-Not sure whether it is 1 or 2. Will try your suggestion.

  ton 22:29 23 May 2003

Tried re-installing Winamp?

  spuds 00:40 24 May 2003

ton-I think that is what I will have to do.

A NICKNAME-Just did as suggested.Went through the following and got these results??.Output states Winamp2 Wave Out.Plug-In v1.03 [out wave dll]. Checked configure-Winamp preference.Wave Out Settings.Status Display Not Active.

Device Microsoft Sound Mapper.Buffer Length 2000ms. Volume Control Enabled.

I have noticed that the middle horizontal slider bar is missing from the mono sequence of the main Winamp Display.

Also I am now getting a start-up warning message: Run-Time Error'424' object required.

Doe's the above make sense!!.

  spuds 14:28 24 May 2003

Installed the new Winamp 3.Still the same problem, all the bells and fancy knobs,track information,sound from winamp demo, but no sound via cd-rom even though it picks up the tracking information.I have two cd-rom players fitted, same problem from both units.

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