Winamp and Keyboard HotKeys

  Gaz W 02:50 24 Aug 2004

Bit of a funny question to be asking at this time but...

I have a Belkin F8E832 keyboard (wireless with a wireless optical mouse) and I want to be able to use the hotkeys on the top for controlling audio playback in Winamp. This works OK in Windows Media Player, but I much prefer Winamp. I want to be able to stick a CD in and Winamp open and play the CD, or load FLAC files from my HDD in Winamp and have it play them, using the multimedia controls. What happens now is Media Player opens over the top of Winamp!

Really it's two problems - I press the play button and it loads winamp; I press it again (to play the disc) and it just loads Media Player and starts playing it in that! Or if I insert a disc Media Player opens when I've told Winamp to be the default! There appears no option by the way in Windows to change the default media player to Winamp!

I'm guessing I'll need some sort of plugin to sort out the hotkeys, but what about my file associations?

Thanks in advance for any help,


  Gaz W 03:28 24 Aug 2004

Sort of resolved it now...

It was the driver all the time! When I disabled the driver I was able to configure Winamp's global hotkeys by pressing the hot keys on my keyboard and now they work... problem though - without the driver I don't know if caps lock, num lock and scroll lock are enabled/disabled; they usually appear in the system tray and not anywhere else...

A trivial matter I know, but if there's a way around it I'd be grateful for any information about it!

Maybe there's another (freeware?) program I can use that will display caps lock etc?

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