pj123 15:12 10 Jan 2005

Just received the following email from a friend.

"Despite a new download I can't get my Winamp to play webstreams yet it will play music held on the hard drive. When I select Winamp via a Radio Station web page it has the "Stop" button highlighted on opening and won't play. Any ideas??? "

I don't use winamp and know nothing about it.

Can anyone give me some info that I can email back to him please?

  ACOLYTE 15:24 10 Jan 2005

I think it depends what Radio station he is trying to listen to,i am not sure but i dont think winamp will pick up and play commercial radio,say radio 1,i have never tried mind but i do listen to radio with winamp through the internet radio in the Media library but i have never seen Radio 1 listed.there is click here that does radio for winamp but mostly in US.

  pj123 16:03 10 Jan 2005

ACOLYTE, thanks for your input. Personally I use JetAudio for streaming from the Internet. Seems to work with anything I try (even the BBC which always says RealPlayer is required).

I have advised him to get JetAudio but he seems a bit reluctant at the moment.

I will email him for some more info. May take a while though as he is still a worker and I am retired.

  toni b 16:37 10 Jan 2005

They have there own dedicated forum which have most answers already archived I believe here click here

  pj123 17:23 10 Jan 2005

toni b, Thanks for that. I will email him the URL and let him search for himself.

  pj123 17:04 14 Jan 2005

Not getting anywhere with this so I will assume that Winamp is not a lot of good. I will again recommend him to download jetaudio, which has never failed me yet.

Thanks. I will tick this as closed.

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