Win98SE - Where do I get the "latest" update now?

  chipscan 23:42 10 Feb 2004

I was running a win98SE and while writing some data files to a CD (using Easy CD Creator 3.5) my system crashed and rebooted. I was able to write the CD, and everything looked normal. However, trying to reboot the system now - all it does is hang. I rebooted with bootlog enabled, and the last entry talks about "HTREE/...." I can't find a driver that mentions HTREE, so what options do I have other that a clean install?
Since Microsoft doesn't provide (do they?) updates to win98SE any more - is there an archive that contains all the updates?

(I'm considering a dual-boot win98SE with XP), yet I still would like to "update" all the security holes in win98 while I’m doing this. Oh, and by the way, after getting it stable, using a program like Ghost to BACK IT UP!!!

Any ideas?

  DieSse 23:47 10 Feb 2004
  Megatyte 02:13 11 Feb 2004

All the updates that you had for 98 are still available from Micro$oft. If you decide on a clean install you can still update it to what you had. Micro$oft are making no FURTHER updates available for 98.


  chipscan 17:10 11 Feb 2004

Thanks for all of the help! I appreciate it!

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