[DELETED] 04:50 04 Dec 2003

Hi , i have some security and other updates that have failed verification and need to re down loaded and installed but when i goto win update site it tells me there no new updates and wont let me redownload the ones i need how can i do it ?


  powerless 04:55 04 Dec 2003
  [DELETED] 04:59 04 Dec 2003

Thx that just what i wont,will it be ok just to install over top of others or do i need to find and uninstall them?


  [DELETED] 08:43 04 Dec 2003

Can you see them in add/remove (eventhough they're not properly installed? If so delete them or you'll be caught in the loop.

  [DELETED] 14:17 04 Dec 2003

Sorted .


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