win98se is missing folder opitions

  mpg1965 12:29 13 Apr 2003

i recently installed win98se and under settings i was able to change my folder options and gain access to the file type tab.however this has since dissappeared and i am unable to get it back or find has even vanished from the view options in win explorer.any help would be good.thanks in advance.mike

  « Ravin » 12:32 13 Apr 2003

have a look in the control panel.. it should be there too

  DieSse 12:33 13 Apr 2003

If you've recently updated Internet explorer, you'll find what you want relocated to Tools - Options.

  mpg1965 13:14 13 Apr 2003

thanks folks but still no joy.its not in the control panel and optios and tools gives the folder opitions but this is already ticked.i have however upgraded from ie5.5 to ie6.

  DieSse 15:13 13 Apr 2003

"tools gives the folder opitions but this is already ticked"

Don't understand you - what is already ticked? - and now you have found the Folder Options, what doesn't work? - you said the File Type tab was not there, is it there now you have found the Folder Options?

  mpg1965 18:11 13 Apr 2003

no it aint there m8.basiclly the folder options has just totally gone.where you said ,relocated to Tools - Options.all i have is tools internet options and in the advanced tab it says allow folder view for ftp sites.i dont think this is what you meant tho was it.

  cycoze 20:53 13 Apr 2003

Try right clicking your desktop and select `customize my desktop` , click on the `web` tab , `folder options` should be located at the bottom of the window .

If that does not work , have a look in your registry under `HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer` and see if there is a key named "NoFolderOptions" , if so you may need to delete the key and re-start .

Obviously you would want to back up the registry before altering it .

  Gongoozler 21:05 13 Apr 2003

mpg1965, in my Windows 98se system I find that in Start Settings I have Folder Options complete with File Types. I also get this in Windows Explorer under View - Folder Options. In Control Panel I have View - Folder options without File Types.

  mpg1965 14:42 14 Apr 2003

gongoozler thats what i mean all them have gone

  mpg1965 15:54 14 Apr 2003

cycoze thanks very much mate i got to it by right clicking and cusomise my desktop etc.have you any idea why this happens as is has happened before.also the line you said in the reg editor was there so if i did delete that line would doing this put it back in the start settings or the explorer view options.all the same bud thanks very much.

  cycoze 22:06 14 Apr 2003

First off , yes if you delete "NoFolderOptions" and re-boot , you should get your Folder Options back , as i said before back up your registry before making any changes !

How it happens ? under normal circumstances this change would be made by manually editing the registry , many companys do this to stop staff accessing some areas of the machine , security etc.

However , these changes can also occur from malicious scripts, ActiveX in web pages HTML , emails etc , most notable would be Trojan.JS.Offensive .

As you havent manually edited the registry , it could possibly be something nasty , Trojan.JS.Offensive is particularly damaging and I DOUBT IT is this , as you would have had numerous problems , if it was "Offensive" i would recommend another format etc .

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 275609 covers a vulnerability in Microsoft virtual machine with recomendations to update VM to protect.

Up to date anti virus is always a must along with a Firewall , just search this site .

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