Win98SE Minimised Windows

  worf 11:50 08 Mar 2003

Hi, can anyone help?

I have a friend who is running 98SE. When windows are minimised they disappear for ever instead of going to the taskbar. I've tried to resolve this for them but cannot find the problem. I run XP and havn't run 98 for a few years now so I'm a little rusty with the 98SE OS.

Many Thanks

  recap 12:09 08 Mar 2003

Click Start/Settings/Taskbar & Start Menu take the tick out of Auto Hide.

  worf 12:29 08 Mar 2003

Thanks recap,
I'll give it a go and get back to you.

  worf 13:26 08 Mar 2003

Recap, sorry m8 didn't work

  recap 13:29 08 Mar 2003

worf, when you move the cursor to the bottom of the screen does a double headed arrow appear?

If so the left click and drag upwards, this will then bring the taskbar back up.

  worf 13:32 08 Mar 2003

recap, thanks m8. i think you may have misinterpreted what I said. The Taskbar is still there its just that when she clciks minimise on a window instead of it dropping to the Taskbar it dissapears altogether

  Peter 15:15 08 Mar 2003


Have you tried using the "Alt-Tab" key combination? Press and hold down the Alt key and then tap the Tab key. A window should appear with icons for each of the programmes that are running. Each tap of the Tab key (Alt key still held down) will select the next programme. Releasing the Alt key will switch to the selected programme.

This was how it was done in Windows 3.1x, before the advent of Windows 95.


  worf 15:28 08 Mar 2003

Thanks Peter havn't tried that one however she hasn't got a problem with programs running. For example if she open Outlook Express and then opens IE without minimising sow both windows are open one on top of the other. What happens is if she then minimises IE so that Outlook express is displayed instead of it minimising to the Taskbar it disappears altogether. Its as if the program has been closed instead of minimised. If she then wants to open Outlook Express again she has to select it by clciking the program icon when all she should have had to do was click on the prog in the taskbar as it should have only been minimised.

  worf 15:30 08 Mar 2003

Sorry that should read "if she then wants to open IE"

  recap 15:38 08 Mar 2003

Yes, sorry worf I did misinterprete what you were meaning.

Other than what Peter has suggested all I can add is to try the repair option for Windows from the CD. That is unless somebody has come across this problem before and knows a fix for it?

  worf 15:52 08 Mar 2003

Thanks recap, appreciated

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