Win98SE, help pls overcoming 512mb RAM limit

  Maundy 12:25 31 Mar 2010

I have an aged, but fast & reliable Pentium 4 based PC with dual boot, XPsp2 and Win 98SE, both on FAT32 to be able to see either and 3rd partition with My Docs.

With 1GB(2 x 516mb sticks)of RAM installed the bugbear is having to remove one stick before booting into Win98. XP is the principal OS but Win 98 is used occasionally.

Does anyone have a fix that allows Win98 to run with more memory or, failing that, to ignore any surplus above 512mb without physically removing it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:37 31 Mar 2010

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Second time this has come up in the last few days, is everyone moving back to Win 98?


  Terry Brown 15:03 31 Mar 2010

I cannot remember exactly how, but with win 98 , you had a file called (i believe) config.sys, with which you could manually configure the memory you required.

Try this Google link for help in setting up Win 98
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  pompyx 15:14 31 Mar 2010

Or try this.

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  Maundy 23:56 31 Mar 2010

Thanks for the very useful responses, though I confess that I'm not computer savvy and perhaps don't fully understand all the suggestions.
Let me begin by restating that booting into Win98SE with a single 516MB of RAM is fast and without problems.
Following what I think was advised I ran MSCONFIG, and in the 'Advanced' tab I added 516 to the box "Limit Memory to <x> MB", clicked 'apply', and OK out.
Now Win98 boots to the wallpaper and I then get a Blue Screen: "A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C001545A. The current application will be terminated. *Press any key........".
Any key then continues with the Desktop Icons being added but then again the Blue Screen with fatal exception error 06 occurring at 0444.00000740. The PC then locks-up and it is necessary to physically switch it off.

I feel close to a solution but some more help with detailed steps would be gratfully received.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:56 01 Apr 2010

Limit Memory to <x> MB:

This setting limits memory usage on your computer to the first <x> MB, where <x> is a number of megabytes. This setting adds the "MaxPhysPage=<nnn>" line to the System.ini file, where <nnn> is a hexidecimal value of the amount of memory to be used. If this setting is too low (16 MB or lower), it may prevent Windows 98 from starting normally.

Win 98 and win Me will constantly reboot (BSOD) when run on machines with more than 1.5G

To work around this issue, add the following line to the [386enh] section of the System.ini file:
This limits the amount of physical RAM that Windows can access to 1 GB. To add this line, use the following steps:

1. Use any text editor (such as Notepad) to open the System.ini file in the Windows folder.

2. Add the following line in the [386Enh] section of the file:

3. Save the file, and then restart your computer.

  Maundy 21:02 01 Apr 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat, added MaxPhysPage=40000 to 386Enh (though in checking back it appeard in System ini, 386Enh as <MaxPhysPage=1FFFF>). Also, confirm "Limit Memory" is set to "512"MB in MSCONFIG but still encounter the same blue screens as detailed in yesterday's messg at 23:56.

Have tried all combinations of 512MB memory sticks in all of 3 memory slots with no difference though one blue screen did reference Fatal Exception 0028:C005996C in VXD VMCPD(01) + 0000040C if that provides any clue.
A single stick of 512 plus a stick of 256MB gets the bootup as far as the full desktop which then loses the mouse curzor and freezes.
As previously, with only 1 stick of 512 memory the PC boots into Win98 problem-free. All memory sticks are DDR 400MHz CL3 though different makes.

I'm rapidly learning but unfortunately don't feel close enough yet to resolve this problem without help.

  Maundy 14:22 03 Apr 2010

Outside of this forum someone has suggested that my motherboard (MSI MS-6585)with a 2.66GHz Pentium 4 requires 'Registered/Buffered' memory whereas I have been using non-EEC type, albeit that it runs OK with upto 512MB.
Before purchasing alternative memory could this possibly be the root of my problem?
All replies gratefully received.

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