Win98SE freezing on startup.

  ralph-226856 17:54 12 Oct 2004

My PC has recently started to freeze accassionaly on startup. The top two thirds of the frozen screen has vertical multicoloured bars.
The PC boots through the POST tests ok but freezes just before the Desktop is launched.
I have run a few Bootlog.txt files and the following three items are normally listed:
b) LoadFailed=ndis2sup.vxd
Any ideas as to the cause of the problem would be welcome. Cheers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:04 12 Oct 2004

Looks like failure to load the video drivers correctly. try downloading and instlling the latest nvidia graphics drivers. (looks like you have a nvida card?)

  Diemmess 18:13 12 Oct 2004

Tap F8 while booting and choose Safe Mode.

In Safe Mode go to Control Panel > Devices > Display > Properties and remove the drivers.

Reboot and you should have a crude but stable display at Desktop..... Windows may ask for the Video drivers, but in any case now is a good time to install them.

  ralph-226856 17:38 14 Oct 2004

Hello Fruit Bat and Diemmess, you've both cured my problem for me, many thanks.
I've waited a couple of days before replying to your guidance to make sure things were ok, which they are.
I downloaded updated drivers from Matrox, installed them and Bingo the job was done.
Booting up is now quicker,and best of all, no freezing.The funny thing is though those three failed items in the bootlog are still showing up, although I'm not too concerned about that.
Many thanks again, PC Advisors forum has come up trumps again. Cheers.
rim rim

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