Win98-XP-Vista Network

  pdk 20:54 25 Apr 2007

I have a network of three PC's - one of each of Win98, XP and Vista... All connect fine via my Gigabit router (its very good!!) EXCEPT that the Win98 cannot access the Vista PC (vice versa is OK). I can see the 'My Docs' file on the Vista from the Win98 but it freezes when I click on it... AND YET the XP connects OK with the Vista. Any ideas??? Is it a protocol issue or something??? I just cannot think what it is!!!

  STREETWORK 21:02 25 Apr 2007
  jasone 06:44 10 Sep 2007

I have the same prob. Have pinged both pc's from CMD and run ipconfig but cant see eather pc,can get internet on the vista pc but not win98. Both networked through a 3com ps40 12 way hub.
Any help gratly receved

  jasone 10:14 10 Sep 2007


will try tonight, will let you know if i have any joy

  pdk 10:36 10 Sep 2007

I will also try and load this on my win98 computer... I've tried EVERYTHING including changing the LM compatibility level...

Does Microsoft do this on purpose so that we are forced to move over to Vista...?? Its such a major issue that it should have big coverage in the PC Adviser mag!!


  pdk 08:41 11 Sep 2007

I have now got all three of my computers running on LM Compatibility Mode 1... the XP to Win98 works both ways, XP-Vista is fine, but the Vista to Win98 only one way...everything freezes on the Win98 when I try and get through to the Vista PC

I've checked the Vista firewall, set up firewall rules which look OK to me, set LM modes to 1, authentication is set on the vista to none, I've set up a Guest account and allowed all users.... and I don't know what else to do...



  ambra4 10:51 11 Sep 2007

Microsoft doesn't support File and Printer Sharing between Vista and
98. That capability wasn't part of Vista's design, coding, or testing.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has found a way to make it work reliably.

I wish that I had a better answer for you. Sad

Best Wishes,
Steve Winograd, MS-MVP (Windows Networking)

  pdk 11:37 11 Sep 2007

Thanks Steve... but you missed one point... I have FULL networking capability to the Win98 PC FROM the Vista!! It works fine..

The only issue is when I look from the Win98 PC... Doesn't this suggest that there is some sort of compatibility, if only half-way???

I agree though, it is sad, as my old 98 machine is still great and very, very usable... Now I may be forced to dump it!!

Thanks again,


  ambra4 11:49 11 Sep 2007

Why dump can it not be upgrade to XP

  pdk 11:52 11 Sep 2007

This is a really good idea which I had rejected in the past as I thought it would slow it down so much...

Maybe you can advise me: Its a Pentium II with a 400Mhz chip and 380Mb of Ram... do you think it would work??


  ambra4 13:21 11 Sep 2007

The minimum recommended XP Pentium 233 MHz /128 MB RAM

It may be slow to what you using now, but it will works fine

Speed is something that has taken over our life’s in the days when we drove a car that could only go 60mph we never complain, now every body want a 160 mph car same with the computer 233 MHz- 3.0 GHz

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