Win98 startup screen change?

  Andy.F. 21:50 27 Apr 2003

Sorry about the first post, I pressed the return key and off it went. OK, onto my beg the experts for help. I was told how to change the win98 picture on the startup of my computer but I dosen't seem to be working. This is what I was told to do can anyone please tell me where I'm going wrong. I saved my picture as a bitmap 256 colours. named it logo.sys 400pixels wide X 320 pixels high. 72 pixels per inch.. I placed the file into drive c but it wont work. The file shows as a bmp. but the old logo.sys was like a picture of a little gog when looked at. Can any of you kind folks help please with simple instructions. thankyou . Andrew

  howard60 22:22 27 Apr 2003

I just saved my picture as a bmp and then right clicked the desktop and clicked on properties. when I got to the desktop screen I clicked on browse and found my picture [best in the c drive] and clicked on it.

  flecc 22:25 27 Apr 2003

All you need to do Andrew is right click that bmp, choose rename, and then name it logo.sys. You'll be asked to confirm and after you do that, the icon will change automatically to the correct one.

By the way, it should be 320 wide and 400 high, you have it the wrong way round. This is because Windows stretches it laterally as it loads. However, it may still work as it is so try first.

  Andy.F. 23:06 27 Apr 2003

howard60 and flecc thanks very much for your trouble. I resized the picture and installed susd screens 3. the picture is showing in susd 3. as the logo.sys file to be loaded but still no luck...only a black screen..ah well, I'll call it quits and once again thankyou for taking the trouble to help...Andrew.

  Simsy 11:04 28 Apr 2003

That has a big "Windows" icon and the words "Microsoft Windows 98" on a sky blue background that appears briefly during bootup, the file is called;


And the correct place for it is in C:\Windows, (or wherever your "Windows" folder is), not just C:
The logos.sys is a similar size file, stored in the same place. This is what shows, perhaps briefly, on shutdown. It is an image of the words, "now it's safe to turn off your computer"

I don't have a file called "logo.sys" on my Win 98 installation.

I hope this helps.



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