win98 start up disk and WinXP

  corc2 14:01 02 May 2003

My mates computer is knackered and it is assumed the most likely reason is a damaged/corrupted HDD (personally I think a virus has done it). Is it possible to re-format the HDD (assuming it is corrupted, not physically damaged) using a Win98 start up disk and then trying to re-install WinXP Pro? We have already tried to reformat via the options when re-installing XP but the installation wizard wouldn't let us. Sorry if it sounds confusing.

  Legolas 14:10 02 May 2003

You can use the 98 to boot into the "A" prompt and then fdisk the HDD from there once the HDD is formatted you will be able to install XP from the CD-ROM.

  chuds 14:11 02 May 2003

You can reformat using WIn98SE disk, but why not visit Mircosofts website and download the XP Pro set up disk pack? Will need to download and then needs SIX floopy disks. Works fine for me.

Failing that I have used WIn98SE fdisk and then formatted and then loaded XP Pro without any problems at all.

IF HDD is "knackered" then OS might not install anyway due to data corruption

  corc2 14:40 02 May 2003

Thanks for the advice. I forgot to add - when you use start up disk, what is the procedure? It's been a while since I used one. What do I need to type at the command prompt to format HDD? Will I need to partition or will XP do that?

  rawprawn 14:45 02 May 2003

Type fdisk

  anchor 14:46 02 May 2003

After booting up with the startup floopy you will have an A:\prompt. Just type format C:

I am not clear of you want to partition the drive; your intial post does not mention it, though your second suggests it.

  Legolas 14:49 02 May 2003

Try this site to take you through it click here

  anchor 15:03 02 May 2003

Just struck me; if the drive is already partitioned the the other partitions, whatever the drive letters are, will also have to be formatted; (e.g. format f:)

The post from Legolas above concerning FDISK will guide you about partitioning.

  chuds 15:22 02 May 2003

Bear in mind that using Fdisk, you should first view the partitions, if disc has NTFS partition then delete the NON dos partition and then create a new logical dos partition and carry on from there and as mentioned above after reboot at a:> type either format c:/ top format disc or format c:/s to make drive bootable

  corc2 15:38 02 May 2003

Again, many thanks to all who replied-i'm off a-tinkerin' with my mates computer. Cheers! Andrew

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