Win98 SE will not overinstall

  THE DAVE 22:05 19 Sep 2004

I had to do a clean install with my new Mobo
( MSI K7N2 Delta) and 1800 Duron.
Quite right too . . I hear you say, but I would have REALLY liked to do an overinstall.

I know that my drive has remnants of DOS 5 and 6, WIN 3.1/ WIN 95/ WIN 98/ and finally WIN 98 SE on it.

I suppose something in there was clashing because it just would not pick up the PCI plug n play code off the new MOBO.

Please can anyone give me general tips on what VXD or DLL I shold have deleted from the system to ensure an overinstall.

I Filecopied to a new 80 GIG HDD and still have the original files on my 40 GIG so I can have a play with that if anyone can tell me.

It would be nice to know how instead of giving up!


  Diodorus Siculus 07:51 20 Sep 2004

click here for a list of setup switches which you can use to tell Windows setup to ignore certain things - eg the fact that windows is already there.

  Noleg24 08:14 20 Sep 2004

that looks good..does this mean I can install both 98SE and ME on the same HDD without having the same sort of clashing problem DAVE has? Cos i have been trying to do this but I keep do it one at a time, install 98SE then delete it then install ME but I want to partition the HDD (which I have done so many times) so that they are both on the HDD...I think I have one more shot at it and if it dont work I will try this method. thanks...

  Diodorus Siculus 15:26 20 Sep 2004

Noleg24 - this was not meant as a method of dual booting two Win9x systems; it can be done though, but not easily.

  THE DAVE 23:20 20 Sep 2004

From Dave, Thanks for those switches, I will have a go!

  Noleg24 08:41 21 Sep 2004

Ok then can it be done? I would like to install both Win 98SE and Win ME on the same HDD without any conflictions...if you have a simple way of telling me how to do this (and anyone else can lend a hand) I would be most welcome as I am nearly at the end of my tether about this...I have tried different methods so far nothing has worked...I have an 80GB Hdd which has XP on it already..and in order for me to install 98/Me I have to remove the cables from the 80GB drive so I can install the other OS's on the 40GB any help would be most useful thanks...

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