Win98 SE crash

  saudigill 09:58 09 Jan 2004

This may seem a little strange as I am remote from the PC in question, so I have not seen it 'hands-on'.
My home PC running Win98SE is not going into Windows on boot-up and giving an error due to the absence of a file called vmm.exe, which I am guessing is some kind of memory manager.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to reinstate this file?

  Jester2K 10:00 09 Jan 2004

vmm.exe is Virtual MIDI Machine - Sound driver.

Whats the EXACTLY message and what EXACTLY happens?

  saudigill 10:48 09 Jan 2004

After the Windows logo flashes up and then the PC manufacturers logo (Gateway)it goes to the C:\ prompt in DOS with the following message:
"vmm32.vxd is required to run Windows. If this file is not in your PATH you may need to re-install Windows".

  beeuuem 11:26 09 Jan 2004

Does this help click here ?

  beeuuem 11:33 09 Jan 2004

From click here

Vmm32.vxd problems
A second damaged or missing file can also cause Windows to shut down immediately after starting up—the Windows\system\vmm32.vxd file.

To fix this problem, you should complete the following procedure:

Restart your computer. For Windows 95, press the [F8] key when you see the Starting Windows 95 message and choose Command Prompt Only from the Startup menu. For Windows 98, press and hold down the [CTRL] key after the Power On Self Test (POST) and then choose Command Prompt Only from the Startup menu.
Type cd \windows\system.
Type ren vmm32.vxd vmm32.old.
Reinstall Windows 95 or 98 over the existing installation to fix the original installation.

You may need to re-enable the DOS CD drivers to allow you to reinstall Windows 9x.

Even though there is a Vmm32.vxd file in the Windows installation media, simply extracting this file to the \Windows\system folder will not solve the problem. You must run Setup to create a system-specific Vmm32.vxd file.

Hope this information overkill helps.

  alcudia 11:38 09 Jan 2004
  saudigill 11:39 09 Jan 2004

Appreciate the help everyone. This should help to sort it out.

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