win98 se

  adamagain 22:13 03 Nov 2005

I’ve been trying to load a old win98 OS but i can only manage this if i choose the minimum components section
The disc is very scratched and i think thats why it cant fully load
is the anywhere on line i could download the complete Os from, or get the missing file to go with those i have.

  VoG II 22:19 03 Nov 2005

What is the name of the missing file?

  adamagain 22:37 03 Nov 2005

Its not so much the missing file as i really wanted the full os loaded
The only one i could load is the reduced version for minimum space on your hard drive

It just seems that the screen display is very basic,looks like its in safe mode etc.

  VoG II 22:45 03 Nov 2005

Thats because you need to install the drivers for your graphics card.

  woodchip 23:02 03 Nov 2005

Did it crash when loading?

  Strawballs 23:16 03 Nov 2005

As VOG has pointed out with 98se you will need to install drivers for graphics, sound etc unlike XP 98 does not carry any where near as many generic drivers. So you will need to do this even if you manage a full install.

  sattman 23:58 03 Nov 2005

Can you explain more?

"The only one i could load is the reduced version for minimum space on your hard drive"

  PaulB2005 07:35 04 Nov 2005

Get a CD Scratch Remover - click here

  adamagain 22:48 04 Nov 2005

When you load the os it says do you want the normal full system or if you have limited space choose the part section

  woodchip 13:51 05 Nov 2005

That does not answer the question why do you say it will not load a full 98

  adamagain 22:27 06 Nov 2005

I see What happens is it get to about 93% if i try the full os load and then thats it
The cd rom just keeps spinning etc but wont load any more
So i tried the part option and it loaded fully for that

It does say that 1 file did not load but i don’t think that is causing the bad screen display, which is what im trying to sort out

Vog said i need to load the correct drivers
How do i do this.


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