win98 + maxtor 40gig + Asus A7N8X compatability ?

  [DELETED] 11:11 06 Sep 2003

Hi all,
This is a first time post and its a hell of a long story involving Mesh and win XP/98 customer service or lack of.... anyways straight to the point

I have a mesh matrix and it is fitted with a Asus A7N8x motherboard and a 40 gig Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 8 HD, a AMD 2800 processor, and a Ati rage 128 pro with 32mb of memory on it.

Is there any compatability issues with any of this kit and win 98 ??, My system when running under win98 continually crashed and was difficult to start up often failing to boot with the response of " windows Protection Errors", scan disk seems to find many errors with the clusters and bad sectors on the HD, but mesh are adamant that the HD tested ok for them, ( Its a new system only a month or so old now ) They say that this system was designed for XP and the size of the HD scandisk would report errors on it when there are none??? this i fail to believe norton disk doctor also reports errors, I would use Maxtors own gisk checking util but it will not work with my mobo cos it has a nvidia chipset in it, i have also tried to use Blaster 3 ( i think ythats what its called ) maxtors own partitioning and preperation software to no avail. Is this set up ok ? or is the HD too big for win98?
Mesh tech support are a waste of space maybe you guys can sort me out ?



  [DELETED] 12:03 06 Sep 2003

How long have you been having these problems for & yes win98 should run fine on your system, cant you try & get your money back ?

  [DELETED] 19:22 06 Sep 2003

I have had the machine for about a month, i rang the sales staff at mesh and told them i was gonna install win 98 and asked if it would be a problem or would cause any issues with my warrenty etc and they assured me that all would be fine. When i recieved the machine the first thing i did was get the relevant win 98 drivers for the motherboard and gfx cards etc using my old machine and copy them onto a cdr. Then i fdisked the new machine and installed win 98 which i have done many times before, and then my problems started with the "windows protection errors ", and the scandisk reports. So i put win xp back on the hd and sent it back to be looked at by mesh technicians, who asked why i did nt have win 98 installed on the machine in the first place !!! if i had known about this i would have, but the sales staff failed to inform me of this option even after i told them i was never going to use win xp and install win 98 myself. Basically Mesh do not want to supply me with the same machine with a win 98 installation and recovery cd, even when i offered to upgrade the gfx card !, and now they say they are only going to support me for the OS that it was originally supplied with!!!

They say that there is no problem with the HD and that it is an issue with win98 and HD`s over 32 gig ( mines 40 gig ) I Have downloaded the fix for the large ide HD from microsoft 98 support pages and still no difference. They also say that they will not refund my money because it was longer than 7 days before i contacted them with the problem ( I was away on a training course for a week as soon as i recieved the machine ) and also because they can find nothing wrong with it. Heres a bit of an update, they are sending out a technician with a new hd within a week, so hopefully this system should be running well soon. But i am still stuck with no support from mesh. So i hope this forum is good :))


  [DELETED] 19:40 06 Sep 2003

You have a duff drive, of that I have no doubt.

First, Win 98 will run with drives over 32GB and my system (when i had 98) was happy to run all makes of drives and even up to 80Gb.

Second, Windoctor, Scandisk and everything else cannot be wrong.

Get in touch with them and tell them that you want a replacement drive. If that fails contact Maxtor direct from their website. They will not be able to assist in replacing the drive (Warranty on OEM drives is with the retailer) but will not be at all happy to hear of Mesh giving you grief with one of their drives.

I have contacted Maxtor once or twice and have been very impressed with the response from them, even though it was for a OEM drive that they could not help with.

  Philip2 19:40 06 Sep 2003

Forgive me but why do you want to put an old OS with no support from next year on your computer that came with XP??.Know wonder Mesh didn't want to know as is the same with Evesham which is my computer this being my older computer it came with Windows ME i upgraded to XP with a hell of a lot of problems but works fine now but now Evesham will not service my computer unless i put it back to how it was when it left the factory.

  [DELETED] 19:45 06 Sep 2003

They cannot do that - what software you put onto your machine is up to you. Just because you choose to run Windows 98 which is a common enough OP SYS and one that your PC is well capable of running and they supplied another does not mean that they can evade their responsibility on the warranty - to do so would mean that ANY SOFTWARE AT ALL that you installed would mean that they could say "Sorry, take it all off, you are only covered if we installed it"

Nope, wont wash.

  Rayuk 19:46 06 Sep 2003

Do you have the onboard lan enablled in the bios,I had a similar problem a while back and in the end just went on to WinXP.
click here

  [DELETED] 19:53 06 Sep 2003

My system was using 98se with a 40 gig Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 8 HD, no problem at all! 98se will recognise this drive without up-dates being required. j.

  Philip2 19:55 06 Sep 2003

Smiffy99 you have never delt with Evesham computers don't tell me they can't they do i have two Evesham computers so i think i know what i'm talking about at least on this point.

  Rayuk 19:55 06 Sep 2003

Sorry above link is with regard to ati drivers
Also if you try Microsofts Knowledge Base article No 149962

  [DELETED] 20:07 06 Sep 2003

I do not doubt your experiences with Evesham and I certainly did not call them into question.

Let me put it like this - Legally, what they are attempting to do is totally unacceptable. In any court in the land a Judge would expect people to put software onto the pc that they had not purchased through Evesham. If they are trying to avoid liability they would get short shrift from the courts. I will not bore you with the legalities (But am more than happy to do so if you wish), please, take my word for it.

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