Win98 keeps freezing

  stefan-194811 18:00 05 Oct 2004

im trying to sort my mums pc out for her she is running win98se with a k6-2 proc 500mhz, and 64m of ram its old yes.
when windows loads up which is ages and everything is fine at first then after about 5-10 mins it just freezes and nothing will happen not even alt-ctrl-del, i have run scan disk which was ok and disk clean up, but thats about all i can do dont even get time to install a program.

as anybody got a idea.

  Alexandros 18:35 05 Oct 2004

Try checking the fan of the pc. It is probably not working thus creating heat problems...

  Bris 19:11 05 Oct 2004

If the above is not the problem.. older operating systems object when disc space runs low. Try getting rid of as much rubbish as you can off the HDD and defrag it. Also keep the number of open applications to a minimum i.e. as soon as you have finished with an application remove it rather than leaving it running even if minimised.

  stefan-194811 19:28 05 Oct 2004

theres nothing wrong with fan or any hardware there are no driver problems.
ive run system file checker and there was a problem with a path c:windows/system and another car'nt remember exactly something with user in.
i updated of win98 cd but was'nt dead sure which files to pick off cd.
i also disabled any uneccesary programs at start up still same, check cables, did virus scan ok but fount 200 entries in spybot fixed them, but still does it.
i have tryed running the win98 set up cd again without formatting just to update right files and system settings.
it always freezes when i click my computer or control panel or start button.

and there is over 4g of space on hard drive its a12g

  Alexandros 19:30 05 Oct 2004

Maybe, your memory is faulty?

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