Win98 Help Troubleshooting Wizard doesn't work

  Zak 14:48 08 Feb 2004

From the Windows Help content, Windows 98 Troubleshooters, selecting any of the items gives me in the right hand pane the relevant Troubleshooter page. Which is fine.

However, on selecting any of the buttons/radio dials and clicking "next" produces a blank page. This happens with all of the Troubleshooters.

Any ideas? Perhaps anyone running Win98 would be kind enough to check this out on their PC please.

My copy of Win98 is OEM.

  hugh-265156 16:14 08 Feb 2004

not sure sorry

click here any use?

  Wak 16:34 08 Feb 2004

I think you will find that Microsoft no longer support Win 98 in that way.
I've just tried a page of trouble shooters and also get a blank page.
What's your problem? Which trouble shooter did you need??

  Zak 16:45 08 Feb 2004

Thanks for your replies huggyg71 and Wak.

It is the shutdown Troubleshooter I was after and had already found your link huggyg71 - thanks.

Wak do I understand you correctly that Troubleshooter items within the Win98 Help (accessed from the Start Menu) linked to the MS website?

My query is more out of curiosity as the blank pages just threw me!

  [email protected]@m 16:47 08 Feb 2004

I've just tried on my 98SE, which is not on line, and the troubleshooter is working fine. You may have to go down the 'sfc' road.

  [email protected]@m 16:56 08 Feb 2004

Is this link any good? click here

  Zak 19:08 08 Feb 2004

I received help from trinity at the Broadband Forums:

click here

who directed me to this site:

click here

My problem was caused by the folowing security updates:

February 2003 critical update from Microsoft (Q810847) disabled the HTML help functionality in Windows 98.

November 2003 critical update (Q824145) that added a registry entry that disabled ActiveX controls in the TSHOOTER.OCX file.

Further information and fix is via the above second link.

The initial installation of the tshoot.inf failed to solve the problem.

However I downloaded and applied the fix and the Troubleshooters are now working as they should.

Thanks to you all again for your help.


  Wak 21:34 08 Feb 2004

I naturally assumed that the troubleshooter wasn't working because they stopped supporting Win 98 last year.
However, I have just followed your second link and installed the Tshoot.inf file and everything is now tickety-boo as they say.
Thanks for that, Zak. It's surprising what you can learn in this place, isn't it?
I thought I might be helping you at first and then you finish up helping me. Great!

  Zak 21:50 08 Feb 2004


You are most welcome. Windows 98 never ceases to surprise me.

Are you running IE6 SP1 and have you installed all of the IE6 SP1 Cumulative patches? I have and possibly this is why I also had to apply the fix. Patches I have installed are:





  Wak 13:10 09 Feb 2004

Yes, I am running IE6 with SP1 and, as far as I can see, have installed only Q330994 and Q313829 of the updates you mention.
Everything OK now, thanks.

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