Win98 hangs on boot-up

  rufus-speed 22:55 01 Jun 2003

After signing on, the system hangs. It can be booted successfully in 'Safe Mode' but how can I find out what is causing the hang?

  Valvegrid 23:00 01 Jun 2003

I'm trying to remember, after you use F8 to get into Safe Mode I think there is an option to get the computer to load one step at a time. If you use that you should find whats making the computer hang.


  BBez 23:17 01 Jun 2003

when pressing F8, from the muenu that appears "step by step" conformation which may diagnose the fault. Also have a look at your "bootlog.txt" file held on the root of the c:\ drive to see if anythin is failing. You'll need to view all hidden files and folders within explorer to see it...

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