Win98 experts to the rescue Please

  Tenacious Green 19:37 24 Oct 2004

for my bosses friend who has received a used computer and is running Windows 98. When he connects to the Internet he is unable to interact in any way. He cannot type in any text other than in the URL address bar, even in Google he can't do a simple search. I don't know what version of IE he is using.
Any Ideas gratefully received (I may be willing to share any pay rise I get as a result - Fat chance of that though!)

  VoG II 19:39 24 Oct 2004

Try a repair click here

  curlylad 19:54 24 Oct 2004

1)Are there any error messages ?

2)Any other problems at all ?

3)Does he have up-to-date anti virus ?

4)Have you tried Windows Update site?

5)Has he downloaded/installed any software/programs just prior to this happening ?

  Tenacious Green 20:10 24 Oct 2004

Sorry, but limited information I'm afraid at this stage. He has got Anti-virus running and my friend stuck sone anti spyware utilities on and removed quite alot from it. Not sure on the MS updates but am told he will be advised accordingly to do any necessary updates. If that fails I will advise to try VoG™'s suggestion and any other ideas posted.

  Rtus 20:16 24 Oct 2004

A likely suspect is the machines heavily overloaded (even though its not telling you in the usual BSOD way)Find out how many tasks are runnig & how fulls his hdrive ?

  Tenacious Green 20:21 24 Oct 2004

Will do, Thanks

  Rtus 21:09 24 Oct 2004

If it is as I suspect .run a msconfig & choose selective startup > then select the startup tab & deselect any of the items you can from click here

apologies if Ive miss-typed the >but typing (windows startup list) into google should get you there...

  Diodorus Siculus 21:16 24 Oct 2004

Also check that a firewal is not installed or has been installed and removed.

  end 21:37 24 Oct 2004

if I am right, some versions of IE will not run with Win98

and "used"...??how "used" and has it been "inwardly cleaned" of all temp internet files/folders, cookies etc.

I am on my second "used" lap top and have run various checks on it to establish its cleanness and useability , and to get it working as I want it to before launching out into the web:)

  dewskit 21:40 24 Oct 2004

I am running Win 98 SE quite happily with IE6 update from MS site if that gets you any further!

  end 23:32 24 Oct 2004

so am I but maybe the poster is on an earlier version of Windows and IE?, and in that case they may not be compatible:(

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