Win98 defrag- reminder needed

  newearwax 09:32 15 Oct 2005

It's a lonng time since I did one as I have XP but a friend still has and tells me it is very slow because it seems to stop and go back to the start of process. Can you remind me what processess must be shut down and which are essential to keep open in a defrag? Thabks.

  sattman 09:33 15 Oct 2005

Close all running programmes apart from Explorer and Systray

  VoG II 09:39 15 Oct 2005

Or use Enditall click here

  jbaker65 10:13 15 Oct 2005

And set screensaver to NONE

  [email protected] 10:42 15 Oct 2005

VoG i sthere a version for Millenium and XP?

  VoG II 10:45 15 Oct 2005

That version should run on ME.

In XP it should not be necessary to close processes down before defragging.

  Wak 18:48 15 Oct 2005

Hi, When you "do" your friends defrag for him (her?) I suggest you have a look at click here
You can install in Win 98 the Defrag.exe file which was made for Win ME and it is about ten times quicker and more stable than the original Win 98 version.
I've used it now in my win 98SE for about 1 year now with no problems.

  VoG II 18:51 15 Oct 2005

Or Diskeeper Lite click here

  Strawballs 19:52 15 Oct 2005

You could also try doing it in safe mode

  p;3 20:24 15 Oct 2005

have you (they)managed to run the defrag on this yet. and it might even need a scan disc done first:) when has it been defragmented before this attempt?

  newearwax 20:39 15 Oct 2005

As I am going on hol soon I won't be seeing relative until after my return. Will keep open in case any otehr uselful tips emerge.

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