win95 didn't support usb device why?

  Lucky Sevener 13:18 03 Jul 2003

Why a USB device can't be recognized under win95 automatically? Couldn't find the USB controller settings in the device tab of the control panel.

  old-timer 13:24 03 Jul 2003

I believe I am right when I say the the first version of Windows that supported USB was 98SE

  johnem 13:25 03 Jul 2003

Win95 does not support USB. Some versions of Win 95B do support it, provided your motherboard is suitably configured to support USB.

  BillEmm 13:26 03 Jul 2003

USB wasn't available when Win95 came out!


  Patr100 13:34 03 Jul 2003

The situation is this: later versions of Win 95 have very limited USB support, however this is likely to be problematic. No version of WIn 95 will support USB as a PCI add in card but only if the motherboard has the capabilty as mentioned above.
The details are here.
click here

  TechMad 13:37 03 Jul 2003

Windows 98 First Edition was the first to support USB, but it was very poor and very very few devices worked seamlessly. Win98SE improved on this.

  Belatucadrus 14:32 03 Jul 2003

click here for instructions on how to see if your version of W95 can support USB and how to enable it, if it can.

  Lucky Sevener 12:19 05 Jul 2003

Thank you guys, prob solved! Yes, Lucky Sevener is an Old-timer.

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