Win95 on desktop to laptop

  buckleboy 21:28 21 Sep 2003

I have an old desktop pc with windows 95 on, i would like to put my win 95 onto the laptop as i am throwing the desktop away. I have the win 95 cd and registration, but my laptop does not have a cd drive. Is there a way of copying it from one to the other by cables ie: parallel and if so is there a programme available to help me do this.

  woodchip 21:49 21 Sep 2003

You would do well to buy a CD drive as you also need to load software etc. Although you can connect by direct cable with some messing about but what if you have probs after you will still need a CD drive to reinstall

  buckleboy 22:02 21 Sep 2003

Hi woodchip
I also have office 97 on cd, which i would also put on. It is a fairly old laptop and a cd drive maybe difficult to obtain. You sound as if you know of such a programme that may help me.

  woodchip 22:06 21 Sep 2003

You may pickup a CD Drive if you contact Morgan computers. Or from a Computer here

  woodchip 22:07 21 Sep 2003

Phone them and tell them what you want

  woodchip 22:09 21 Sep 2003
  buckleboy 22:25 21 Sep 2003

Thanks woodchip, i'll give them a try.

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