Win95 Blaster patch

  captain birdseye 10:02 19 Aug 2003

My other half refuses to let me update her Win95 machine (familiarity is comforting) but I need to install the security patch to prevent (hopefully) it being attacked by the blaster worm. Since uncle Bill no longer supports Win95 does anybody know how/where to get a patch from please? Will one of the available patches (2k, XP)work? Thanks.

  AndySD 10:06 19 Aug 2003

msblaster does not affect windows 9X pc's. So no need to patch.

  pepe 10:06 19 Aug 2003

Win 95 is not affected by this virus, neither is Win98/se or ME.

  pepe 10:07 19 Aug 2003

Sorry Andy we posted at the same time.

  captain birdseye 14:25 19 Aug 2003

The Win95 machine has not been affected (fingers, toes and everything else crossed) but the reason for asking was a comment on the Sophos AV site which states "W32/Blaster-A can be removed from Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP computers............
Which systems are affected? Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000/XP are potentially affected. Apple, Unix and other platforms including PDAs and games consoles cannot be infected......."



  Stuartli 14:30 19 Aug 2003

PC Advisor's own website news section on the subject includes the words:

"Users of the Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows Server 2000 software were advised by Microsoft to take security precautions such as downloading the latest patches, using a firewall and installing antivirus software. A disruption of the Microsoft site could affect users' ability to download needed patches, however.

But the software maker said today that it is taking aggressive steps to keep the site up, but if it becomes inaccessible users will be able to access and download the Blaster patches here. More detailed instructions on how to take the preventative measures are also detailed at that address."

That should calm your nerves - mine haven't been jangling because it was made clear which operating systems would be affected...:-)

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