Win7 Updates so many.

  Nontek 16:55 19 Aug 2012

Getting used to Win7 now after XP, but there seems to be a never ending stream of updates, always in groups of three, an almost daily event.

Is everyone using Win7 getting the same?

Part of my updates list

  rdave13 17:02 19 Aug 2012

No I don't get these updates but I don't run Defender or MSE.

  northumbria61 17:03 19 Aug 2012

In a word NO - but do you have your Windows Updates to Automatically Download and Install? If so I would change that to give you more control.

  northumbria61 17:06 19 Aug 2012

Nontek - as per rdave13 I don't have Windows Defender or MSE and I think that is two programs that appear to get lots of updates.

  Nontek 17:07 19 Aug 2012

Defender is disabled on my PC. MSE is not the problem (if there is a problem, which I doubt), but never had so many updates with XP.

All appear to install correctly, which begs the question - why me, and not you?

'Tis a new laptop from Novatech, excellent specs and absolutely running perfectly, so the many updates puzzle me, especially if it is just me!

  Nontek 17:09 19 Aug 2012

Thanks to you both .... yes, I do have Auto Updates enabled, but surely changing that would not stop updates being offered?

  northumbria61 17:13 19 Aug 2012

yes, I do have Auto Updates enabled, but surely changing that would not stop updates being offered?

No, but you would be able to choose which ones you want to install as you have Critical updates and Optional updates - optional ones for example for MS Office which I choose mainly to ignore.

Read more:

  northumbria61 17:15 19 Aug 2012

There is also the added advantage in my opinion that when manually installed and there is a problem it is easier to see which one it is.

  Nontek 17:18 19 Aug 2012


Thanks again - I have changed my update settings, so will see how it goes for a day or so.

Will report back!


  Nontek 17:20 19 Aug 2012

He he ... your 'Read more' link brings me back to my own thread!

  Sea Urchin 17:50 19 Aug 2012

Looking at your "Part of my updates list" it is evident that you are installing the same updates each day.

As they report as having been successfully updated each time you don't need them again Using your new found "control" over the offer of updates right-click them and ask for them not to be offered again.

I am of course referring to those which are duplicated

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