Win7 machine prompts login prior to booting up

  NeilCh 11:13 29 Nov 2014

My Win 7 laptop used to run through the usual boot process and then prompt for log in with the windows wallpaper as per a million machines out there. But there was a virus that needed cleaning up and after that, I now get a small blue password prompt as soon as I switch the laptop on. It accepts my Win logon password and then boots through. But then it takes me straight to the desktop without any further/usual logon prompts. Anyone know how this is happening and how I can resore this back to normal, removing the initial prompt and having the usual pre-desktop password prompt back?

  spuds 11:31 29 Nov 2014

You might find some helpful information > click here

  [DELETED] 14:29 29 Nov 2014

To control which user is automatically logged in:

Press Windows key + R and type control userpasswords2

Not sure what exactly you are seeing apart from that with the extra password.

You haven't set a BIOS password or have any Parental Control 3rd party apps installed have you?

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