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Win7 instal query

  amonra 17:02 22 Dec 2009

I pre-ordered Win7 from Amazon and installed it on my laptop OK, no problems.
My granddaughter has downloaded a student's copy of Win7 from the official website and burned it to a DVD. I am going to instal this copy onto her laptop over the xmas holiday.
My question is, can I use MY disc to instal Win7 onto HER laptop and use HER COA code to activate it ? Or is the COA code tied to the installation disc?
My reason for asking is, perhaps there could be errors on her downloaded disc which could cause the installation to fail. I dont want any hassle to upset my holiday, and sods law that's what will happen.
Merry christmas to all my readers.........

  GaT7 17:03 22 Dec 2009

Yes, you can if it's the same version - Home Premium for Home Premium, Pro for Pro, etc.

Merry Christmas to you too. G

  amonra 17:10 22 Dec 2009

Waw, that was quick, thanks Crossbow you have set my mind at rest. These things tend to happen to me when I'm a couple of hundred miles from home. Have a good one.

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