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Win7 cant see GFX card after BIOS flash

  panlid5000 15:28 31 May 2017

Hi, looking for some help here...

Been having a BSOD problem while running games. Most advice sites vague about memory management issue. One option was to update bios (AMIBIOS now v2.61) and another was to load default values in BIOS to reset any overclocking. System was overclocked when I bought it.

Did all that and system seems stable except now, Windows 7 doesnt seem to think theres a graphics card in the slot. Will only install Standard VGA drivers. I have looked through the BIOS options and I cant see anything that obviously turns off the PCIE slot... any ideas?

Help greatly appreciated!

  q33ny 21:28 03 Jun 2017

I don't think you will find PCIE on/off, look for onboard devices or first video card. Anything similar. Go to windows and install drivers for your graphic card. Go to the maker website and search for latest driver for your card. If it doesn't work you might have some problems with your GPU.

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