Win7 Back-up Image on DVD

  jimforrest 19:17 12 Oct 2013

After my recent total comp failure experience I installed a new HDD, got Win7 up again (with a lot of help from here) and I've decided to make an image on a DVD just in case it happens again. However, despite loading Win7 from an .iso that I downloaded from the net (onto a DVD), it seems that I can't generate a specific one from my computer because a DVD is too small. Why the difference? (I have a spare HDD and a caddy so I can put it on there - but a DVD is easier).

  Aitchbee 20:30 12 Oct 2013

usually, more than 1 dvd blank disc is required [typically 2 or 3, if not many programs have been installed onto the system HD] ... I did a win 7 backup yesterday [20gb saved onto 2 dvd disks - compression involved]...had a problem with the 'in-built' dvd rw/cd writer inside the computer, so had to use an external USB dvd writer, the resulting backup using 2 dvd discs [4.7gb X 2] seemed to go alright.

  jimforrest 21:18 12 Oct 2013

Thanks Aibee - mine is practically brand new clean install - I've just added a couple of spyware progs, AVG and Ms Office. My writer is ok - so I can do it on more than 1 DVD. Presumably in a re-install situation the comp will ask for disk 2?

  Aitchbee 21:21 12 Oct 2013

Should do.

  Aitchbee 21:28 12 Oct 2013

... forgot to add that when [each time] a new blank dvd disc is inserted into the dvd writer for the backup, a windows requester 'comes up' on screen sayin', ' Is it all right to format this disk? ' or similar wording.

Did you get that requester message?

  hastelloy 08:36 13 Oct 2013

IMHO backing up to DVD is unreliable as the discs degrade. Extenal HDD is the best option for a backup.

  jimforrest 12:40 13 Oct 2013

I get that message with RW CD's Aitbee - and Windows inevitably 'fails to complete the Format' so I have to switch to Img Burn and that fixes it. I don't get it with DVD's though.

  jimforrest 12:43 13 Oct 2013

I have heard that before Marvin42. Does it apply to just DVD's (or CD's too) and how long do they last? I have CD's that I wrote to in the early years of XP and they are still good.

  hastelloy 13:26 13 Oct 2013

Yes, CDs as well. I think it depends on the quality of the disc and how it's stored. I wouldn't trust anything I value to any disc - always use external HDDs which are only switched on when in use.

  jimforrest 13:51 13 Oct 2013

Ok Marvin. That's been generally the suggestion from most people on here. Every time I've 'dumped' a laptop I have always removed and kept the HDD - so I'll dig a small one out and use that in my caddy.

  Aitchbee 22:06 13 Oct 2013

This might be of interest:

This afternoon, I tried and failed to restore my backup image of my W7 ultimate computer [contained on 2 DVDs, which I 'successfully created' about 48 hrs ago].

Thankfully, I had made 3 seperate backups [of the same computer] using 3 different methods!

I also backed up to an external HD using the W7 'inbuilt' program; but decided to restore my computer using a backup created with Ocster 8, with no problems.

PS. I had to restore my computer because of an installation of Directory Opus 6 ... which works fine with XP, but messes up things, big-time, on W7!

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