Win7 64 bit and broadband

  pienter 12:12 09 Oct 2010

I am upgrading my system which is currently WinXP Home with Orange broadband via a Speedtouch modem. The new system is Win7 64 bit for which the modem is incompatible. I have been told that all I need is any make of wireless router. Is that correct as the Sppedtouch came as part of an Orange package? Would I also need to fit a wireless card or could I just use the Ethernet card in the computer as I don't really need a network. Finally if a wireless card is required are there any points to watch for use with a 64 bit system?

  jimv7 12:15 09 Oct 2010

Ask Orange for a new router thats compatible with win7 64 bit.

  pienter 12:30 09 Oct 2010

Orange only offer a new router as part of a different package which is more expensive than my current one

  gengiscant 12:47 09 Oct 2010

I do not use the Bebox that came with my isp.Its just a question of setting up your router with the correct settings for Orange.

From the Orange web site
Router settings
If you choose to use an Ethernet modem / router, the correct connection settings are:


PPP over ATM

multiplexing method:


virtual circuit:



Multi mode



MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)

In case of problems with a third party router, change MTU to 1492 (Livebox default setting)

  robin_x 13:00 09 Oct 2010

Still might be worth calling Orange. If you don't have months of contract to run. They may offer you one to 'keep' you.

AOL did for me.

  robin_x 13:01 09 Oct 2010

(had to commit for a further 18 months)

  pienter 09:17 11 Oct 2010

I tried the robinofloxley suggestion and, contrary to what my local Orange dealer had said, they offered a wireless router to replace the Speedtouch free of charge and no obligation to chnage my contract. As I am quite happy with the Orange service this was the perfect solution.

  robin_x 12:09 11 Oct 2010

WTG. And I thought Orange were 'baskets'

  VCR97 20:29 11 Oct 2010

Orange did the same for me. They supplied a Netgear DGN1000. I connected it to the Ethernet port on the laptop and used the Smart Wizard Setup on the CD.

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