WIN386.SWP File What is it?

  Newuser3384 07:57 23 Mar 2004

WIN386.SWP File

When looking to clean up my hard drive I did a search for large files and found the above file in the windows folder of size 97,000 KB. I tried to identify what it is but got nowhere. Opening C:\WINDOWS agin this morning I find that it has now grown to 110,592 KB!!! The only thing I have done is defrag the hard drive of all the files in Windows\Temp file that I recognise as being photos etc. I didn't dare remove anything else just in case.

I also found 10 AOL files in
occupying about 75MB in total. (I am signed up to freeserve)

Can anyone explain what the .SWP file is doing (I scanned it with norton anti virus but was OK)?

and is it OK to delete the AOL files or has AOL commandeered something vital for surfing in its name?

Many thanks

  Sethhaniel 08:09 23 Mar 2004

to extend your Memory and let the machine operate faster - It automatically expands and reduces in size to accomodate programs that are running giving them a partition to run in unobstructed by other files - so they have faster access to read/write etc,
You can fix it to a set amount but usually left for windows to make use of

  byfordr 08:10 23 Mar 2004

Sounds like a swap file. A quick google should reveal all.


  temp003 08:29 23 Mar 2004

WIN386.SWP is the Windows 9x swap file (virtual memory) - as explained by Sethhaniel. It's put in the Windows folder in 9x. You don't really have to do anything about it.

Things in the Temp folder can be deleted. I don't really know why your photos get in there, maybe some imaging program you used put them there temporarily and never deleted them properly (I've seen this happening to another computer). Even if these are your own photos, you must have copies of them somewhere else. You can delete them. If you're really worried, burn them to CD; then delete them to free up space.

I'm not familiar with AOL. Did it come pre-installed with your computer? If you don't use AOL any more, likelihood is you can delete the AOL files, especially when they are under a CABS folder. Delete them and leave them in the Recycle Bin for a while to see how it affects the computer.

  Newuser3384 18:33 23 Mar 2004

What you have said is very useful. I am pleased I didn't try to delete the WIN386 file and am ressured that it does not cause problems with the operation of the computer.

I did exactly as temp003 suggested with AOL files & not yet had probs. And I think some of the other bits in the temp file are from when the TWAIN for the scanner had the odd wobbly. What some of the other bits are I haven't a clue but things are for the moment running sweetly

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