Mark-335400 21:14 01 Oct 2008

Some how i've managed to download this virus/spyware I have searched for solutions on the net but am getting nowhere. I am unable to boot into safe mode, the system takes forever to open various pragrammes, i have no access to 'control panel' as it has completely disappeared. I tried installing spybot but it wont even run, When opening my computer c drive doesnt even show up and the d drive partition with the system restore prorammes has also gone. Any ideas

  User-1229748 21:41 01 Oct 2008
  MAT ALAN 21:48 01 Oct 2008

click here
this will help...

  lynken 00:19 02 Oct 2008

Hi, sorry but it seems that a virus has done its damage that you will not recover from as it has already overwritten main opperaiting system files, can you access system restore and backdate it to a date that you know was working ok. If not then the only solution is to reinsall XP. Ps sorry but I would not trust the above software to recover your system

  MAT ALAN 18:31 02 Oct 2008

click here

lynken may well be right, this particular trojan is high risk and sometimes the only solution is to format and reinstall to be sure you are rid of any remnants of this issue.

System restore and any type of manual delete are not an option...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:41 02 Oct 2008

You should not need to reformat; check here click here and follow the instructions to the letter.


  MAT ALAN 18:44 02 Oct 2008

daygo suggests they cannot boot into safe mode so suggestion may be fruitless GANDALF <|:-)>

Have to say this sounds like a nasty piece of kit...

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