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win32-evo-gen in software reporter tool

  invernook 08:00 15 Aug 2019

Every morning recently after boot and upon opening Chrome I received a message from Avast that it had found this piece of malware and moved it to the Virus Vault. However it does not appear in the Vault at all (last entry Dec 2018).

It is either not being moved or it is and then returns on a reboot.

I am reluctant to use anti malwarebytes because it caused me a major problem the last time I tried to use it so I have shut down the Software Removal Tool by removing permissions.

I have noticed that Avast says it will remove the problem if I Upgrade to a paid version. Given that it is not showing up anywhere I am wondering if it is trying to scare me into paying for the service?

Any advice will be much appreciated.

  john bunyan 09:17 15 Aug 2019

I would download and run ADWCleaner and, in spite of your misgivings, Malwarebytes. Wait for other input on this

  invernook 09:25 15 Aug 2019

john bunyan Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have 'misgivings' as such because I have been using Malwarebytes for years, but the last time I used it on this machine it caused a massive crash which stopped me from even booting. It was so bad that after a while I was ready to give up and completely re-install until I managed to resolve it using a suggestion from this Forum. As I said I will use it but only in the last resort.

  john bunyan 09:35 15 Aug 2019

Ok , but I would try ADWCleaner. I wonder if it is worth turning off Avast, temporarily , and running Defender? Again wait for other input. I assume you have looked in Programmes and Features in Control Panel for any recent programmes you don’t recognise?

  john bunyan 09:41 15 Aug 2019

PS Suggest you create a restore point first if running MBAM is a concern

  invernook 10:40 15 Aug 2019

john bunyan I've been looking for my previous thread but, if I remember correctly, I couldn't even boot into safe Mode. Eventually I followed some advice from here and managed to remove MBAM, then immediately did a restore. If I could find the thread at least I would have a reference point if the problem was repeated.

I have a win10 lappy and only use Defender on that. Would it be safe to only use the free Microsoft Security Essentials on this Win7 machine?

  wee eddie 11:10 15 Aug 2019

invernook: There are widely different opinions of Microsoft's Security Tool. My own opinion is that it is marvellous until it is tested and then then, it fails.

You're call. Mine is to use any other AV that Defender, or whatever name Microsoft chooses to give it, lately.

  wee eddie 11:21 15 Aug 2019

invernook: AdwCleaner is Malwarebytes, task specific, App. You log in and run it. You do not download it.

What is happening to you is very suggestive of Malware.

Start by Downloading "Unchecky" and then CCleaner, in that order. That should give you a clean version of CCleaner. Well, I have never had the problems that others speak of.

Run them in this order:- CCleaner, AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes and then reload a fresh copy of the Antivirus of your choice

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:23 15 Aug 2019

click here,trojan%2Dlike%20features%20or%20behavior.

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