Win2k needed re-installing today ...

  Heefie 23:54 28 Nov 2004

One of the little kids got a BSOD whilst using the terribly anarchic NickJr site & one of the bigger ones rebooted & all that ... when I got backhome the PC was dead ... suspicious, but sorted now !!!

I had "No video signal" messages on the screen, so had to reset the BIOS to get back in, & then got NTLDR (I think) missing messages ... I tried repairing, but it didn't work, so I re-installed Windows (2000).

It told me that I already had Windows installed and if I installed on top then I would lose "My Documents", so I changed the folder from WINNT to WIN2K & went ahead ... it did all the usual setting up from the CD but when I re-booted the final time, after removing the CD, everything was back to normal !!!

My C: drive is an S-ATA and that wasn't shown as existing when it told me this, so I put the new installation on what it told me was my C: drive, but is in effect my D: drive ... I now have a WINNT folder on my C: drive & a WINNT and a WIN2K folder on my D: drive ... I have plenty of space, that's not a problem. but it would be nice to know which of these folders is my REAL one g> !!!

Any ideas ?!?!?

  Heefie 00:05 29 Nov 2004

... 2 minutes after posting this, and about to ask the first of 2 more questions ... my PC reset itself (it's a video card / driver problem of some kind, I wich I never listened to these people that insist you load the latest drivers <grrr> !!!), and on the restart gave me 2 Win2K startup options.

I chose the first & all the graphics were huge & it went into a Wizard, so I re-started, intending to choose the 2nd option this time & it just booted up perfectly !!! I HATE computer's sometimes <s> !!!!!!

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