win2k Boot Disks

  Hax 12:29 17 Apr 2004

My intention is to clean install win2k pro on a machine previously set up with win98se.

The boot disks [set of 4] from and other sources are too big to fit on a floppy!

How do I get out of this problem?


  Diodorus Siculus 12:41 17 Apr 2004

Can you boot with the Win2k CD? Check the options in the BIOS for booting from the CD.

  pj123 13:01 17 Apr 2004

You don't need the W2K boot disk. Download the Win98SE bootdisk (1 floppy). All you are going to do with it is Fdisk, Partition and Format the hard disk. Once that is done you can install whatever Operating System you like on it. Personally I wouldn't go from win98se to w2k though.

  Cuddles 13:05 17 Apr 2004

The only problem with using a win98 bootdisk is you will then get the choice on boot of win2k or windows as your os.Boot from cdrom it is a lot quicker.

  Hax 14:47 17 Apr 2004

Sorry guys - shopping!

pj123 - can you enlarge on your comment on not u/g from98se to win2k.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:23 17 Apr 2004

Well, I am not pj123, and I would suggest that if your PC has an adequate spec (say, 600mhz processor and 256Mb RAM) then go for Win2k.

I run it with win98 and WinXP and find it the most stable OS that I have. XP is good, but tries a little too hard to be friendly. Win98 is good too, and when updated is stable and runs ok.

But with Win2k, I have not had a crash in years (literally - Jan02 was the last time I got a stop error with Win2k). All it needed was the latest drivers for my hardware (nothing out of the ordinary) and it has run perfectly since. I rarely reboot it as it does not have the resources problems which Win98 has.

And the bottom line in any such discussion is something to the effect that there is also a sense of "je ne sais quoi" with computing and what works wonders for one may often be anathema to another.

  Hax 15:38 17 Apr 2004

Thanks for that "DS".

Two machines - win98se - both 1gig athlons,256 ram.

The problem I have in upgrading is that there are both hardware and software conflicts in XP and the machines don't justify the expense to renew just to be an XP'ite.

Reading around and talking to people it seems that win2k is the obvious choice.

OK! I'll go spend some money.

Will let you know how I get on.

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