poogles_uk 08:00 05 Sep 2003

How can you boot up without the stupid log on at the start? How much better is 2000 in comparison to ME, and whats the difference between 2000 and XP?

  SheffieldSpy 08:21 05 Sep 2003

Windows 2000 is supposed to be the more stable out of it and Windows ME. Personaly, I'm not convinced of Windows 2000's stability, but I have never used ME. Windows XP is Windows 2000 living on junk food. It is very heavy on resources, but has some features, which may suit those new to computers.

  sdf 10:32 05 Sep 2003

We use Win 2000 on our home network, found it so much better then any OS previously used

  brittas 13:21 05 Sep 2003

When you set 2000 up simply don't put a password in and press next. You will be automatically set up in admin rights and the login screen will simply appear for a second (blanked out) and then you will be taken straight into windows.

  Ben Avery 15:51 05 Sep 2003

Open "Users and Passwords" in "Start>Control Panel".

On the "Users" tab, Clear the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" check box to allow a user to automatically log on.

You will be prompted to provide the name and password of the user who will be automatically logged on each time the computer starts.


  oglemire 22:29 05 Sep 2003

got to control panal / users select your user. there is a check box saying user must enter password or does not require one.. something along those lines. click this and you will be prompted for a pw. this will then log you in automatically.

  krypt1c 22:52 05 Sep 2003

I'm using W2KPro and have had none of the problems assocaited with previous MS os. btw there's a great overview of the services within W2K here click here
you can download it in pdf format.

  BBez 23:10 05 Sep 2003

Windows 2000 rocks on my old Athlon 1GHz. If u use the Services guide that krypt1c has suggested then it runs a bit quicker and frees RAM...

  poogles_uk 06:22 06 Sep 2003

Does ME/2000Prof Support 1GB Ram?

What can you use instead of system restore? Or Will copying ME's version work? Is it worth upgrading to Win 2000?

Or is PQ Drive Image the best program for back?

So its worth the upgrade?

Should i insert the CD and press upgrade or do a full clean install (i do know how to do this) Do all hds need changing to nfts or whatever or just C:?

  poogles_uk 06:25 06 Sep 2003

If so i just need to get the new drivers and get Sp4!!

  poogles_uk 06:40 06 Sep 2003

I was give SP2+3 on a CD in 2 files, is there a way to download SP4 in the same format, as i hate using those silly installers?

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