Win2000 error Execution of specified command ...

  Daddo 13:59 12 Sep 2003

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my aging Win98Se OS to Win2000 Pro. I did not do a clean install because there was a lot of data & settings I wanted to keep. All went reasonably well, but now when I log on I keep getting this error message.

ERROR "Execution of the specified command has failed" - no error code, and when I click on OK, the message goes away and nothing seems to be affected.

Has anyone any knowledge about this error message and how I can possibly fix it?


  spikeychris 18:00 12 Sep 2003

Has this happened since you loaded a firewall? I have seen this a few times, theres a Trojan on a machine and the owner throws in a FW, the machine stops the Trojan from broadcasting and the error message appears.

If you go to the below keys you should be able to see what is starting.

You could click here and download startup cop which works the same as msconfig, which of course you don't have.





  Daddo 22:32 12 Sep 2003


thanks a lot for that steer. You were right on the money. Startcop worked well too.

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